Are Indian Students Safe in the USA?

The USA is a popular destination for many Indian students who aspire to pursue higher education and career opportunities.

However, recent incidents of violence and death involving Indian students have raised serious concerns about their safety and well-being in the country.

In this article, we will examine some of the major challenges and risks that Indian students face in the USA, and what they should know before studying or traveling there.

Challenges Faced by Indian Students in the USA

According to a report by The Times of India1, Indian students in the USA face diverse challenges, such as:

  • Cultural adjustment: Indian students may experience culture shock, homesickness, loneliness, and discrimination in the USA. They may have to adapt to different social norms, values, lifestyles, and expectations. They may also face stereotypes, prejudices, and racism from some Americans, especially in the current political climate.
  • Academic rigor: Indian students may find the academic system in the USA very different from their home country. They may have to deal with higher standards, more assignments, stricter deadlines, and more competition. They may also have to cope with the pressure of maintaining their grades, scholarships, and visas.
  • Financial strain: Indian students may face financial difficulties in the USA, as the cost of living and education is very high. They may have to rely on loans, savings, or remittances from their families. They may also have limited opportunities to work part-time or full-time, due to visa restrictions and labor market conditions.
  • Language barrier: Indian students may struggle with communication and comprehension in the USA, as English may not be their first or preferred language. They may have to improve their proficiency, accent, and vocabulary. They may also have to deal with misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and miscommunications with Americans.
  • Legal issues: Indian students may encounter legal problems in the USA, such as visa violations, immigration disputes, tax issues, or criminal charges. They may have to navigate complex and unfamiliar laws, regulations, and procedures. They may also have to face harsh penalties, deportation, or imprisonment.

Risks Faced by Indian Students in the USA

In addition to these challenges, Indian students may also face serious risks to their safety and security in the USA, such as:

  • Violence and crime: Indian students may become victims of violence and crime in the USA, such as robbery, assault, rape, or murder. They may be targeted by criminals, gangs, or hate groups, who may perceive them as vulnerable, wealthy, or different. They may also be involved in accidents, disputes, or conflicts that may escalate into violence.
  • Police brutality: Indian students may face police brutality in the USA, such as excessive force, abuse, harassment, or killing. They may be subjected to racial profiling, discrimination, or injustice by law enforcement officers, who may view them as suspects, threats, or enemies. They may also be denied their rights, due process, or legal representation.
  • Missing or murdered: Indian students may go missing or be murdered in the USA, without any trace, explanation, or closure. They may disappear under mysterious circumstances, or be abducted, trafficked, or killed by unknown perpetrators. They may also be neglected, ignored, or forgotten by the authorities, media, or society.

Recent Incidents Involving Indian Students in the USA

The following table summarizes some of the recent incidents involving Indian students in the USA, as reported by various sources2,3,4,5,6,7:

Shreyas Reddy Benigeri19OhioFeb 1, 2024Found dead under mysterious circumstancesUnder investigation
Neel Acharya21IndianaJan 30, 2024Found dead after being reported missingUnder investigation
Vivek Saini22GeorgiaJan 29, 2024Attacked with a hammer by a homeless manInjured
Syed Mazahir Ali23IllinoisJan 28, 2024Attacked and robbed by unknown assailantsInjured
Mah-hi-vist Goodblanket18OklahomaDec 21, 2023Shot and killed by sheriff deputiesNo charges filed
Joseph Finley Jr.25OhioNov 13, 2023Shot and killed by police officersNo charges filed
Loreal Tsingine27ArizonaMar 27, 2023Shot and killed by a police officerNo charges filed
Allen Locke30South DakotaDec 19, 2022Shot and killed by a police officerNo charges filed

What Indian Students Should Know Before Studying or Traveling in the USA

Given these challenges and risks, Indian students should be well-informed and well-prepared before studying or traveling in the USA. Here are some tips and suggestions:

  • Do your research: Learn as much as you can about the USA, its culture, history, politics, laws, and current affairs. Choose your destination, institution, program, and accommodation carefully. Check the safety ratings, crime statistics, and reviews of the places you plan to visit or stay. Consult reliable sources of information, such as official websites, travel guides, or alumni networks.
  • Be aware and alert: Be aware of your surroundings and the people you interact with. Avoid dangerous areas, situations, or activities. Report any suspicious or illegal activities to the authorities. Carry your identification, passport, visa, and emergency contacts with you at all times. Keep your valuables, documents, and money safe and secure. Use trusted and licensed transportation services.
  • Be respectful and responsible: Respect the local culture, customs, and laws. Follow the rules and regulations of your institution, accommodation, and workplace. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet. Avoid any conflicts, arguments, or provocations. Do not engage in any illegal, unethical, or immoral behaviors. Do not consume or possess any drugs, alcohol, or weapons.
  • Seek help and support: Seek help and support from your institution, friends, family, or community if you face any problems, difficulties, or emergencies. Do not hesitate to contact the Indian embassy, consulate, or student association in the USA if you need any assistance, guidance, or protection. Do not suffer or struggle in silence or isolation.


The USA is a land of opportunities and challenges for Indian students who wish to pursue their dreams and goals.

However, it is also a land of dangers and risks that may threaten their safety and security. Indian students should be aware of the potential threats and hazards that they may face in the USA, and take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their interests.

They should also seek help and support from their institution, community, or embassy if they encounter any problems or emergencies. By being informed, prepared, and vigilant, Indian students can have a safe and successful experience in the USA.

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