Maharana Sanga

Sangram Singh (Maharana Sanga)

Sangram Singh II (1710–34)

    The Marathas received chauth from Mewar. (First time in Rajasthan)
    “Saheliyon Ki Badi” was built in Udaipur.
    Vaidyanath (Shivji) temple was built in Sisarma (Udaipur). It was built for his mother Dev Kunwari. (1716 AD)
    The author of Vaidyanath Prashasti is Roop Bhatt. Information about the Battle of Bandanwara (Ajmer) is obtained from this praise. In this battle, Sangram Singh II defeated the Mughal general Ranbaz Khan. This war took place due to Pur, Mandal, Badnaur parganas.

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