History of Bharat

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History of Bikaner

Text History of Bikaner is written in black text and a background potrait of Junagarh Fort, Bikaner

The ancient names of Bikaner were Jangaldesh and Ratighati. The capital of Jangaldesh was Ahichhatrapur. Rathore dynasty ruled in Bikaner. Rao Bika of bikaner (1465-1504 AD) Bika’s construction works Rao Lunkaran (1505 – 1526 AD) Rao Jaitsi (1526-1541 AD) Rao…

History of Marwar: Rathore Dynasty

History of Marwar | History of Swords

Marwar was ruled by the Rathore dynasty. Historians have different views regarding the origin of Rathores. According to the books of Bhato, Rathore is the child of Hiranyakashyap. In the fame of Jodhpur state, he is written to be born…